SOS - School of Sustainability

S.O.S. - School of Sustainability is the initiative of the architect Mario Cucinella focused on training new professionals in the field of sustainability, capable of meeting the challenges of the future and leading the processes of transformation. S.O.S – School of Sustainability is a post graduate and private school based in Bologna, open to creative young people and researchers, professionals and companies to develop innovative projects with a positive impact on society, the economy and the environment through research and experimentation. S.O.S. offers four semester courses: • architecture as a social business - to regenerate the urban environment • post carbon architecture - to design the next generation of buildings • right for a (quality) shelter - to sustain human development and build resilience • blue design - innovation and advanced sustainability for industrial design. S.O.S. is the place to build a culture of sustainability through dialogue among various personalities, sharing a common vision of the future. S.O.S. is a school but also a start-up, a place for working together and for sharing the experiences of others. S.O.S. is located inside MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, a professional practice with 25 years experience in sustainable design. The School is fully equipped with digital fabrication tools, a professional model making laboratory and a 1300+ books library. S.O.S. takes inspiration from the professional practice and the students will be supervised by professionals. Teamwork is a key feature of S.O.S., where participants work together to achieve a common goal. The project will be carried out both inside and outside the school, as it involves site visitis in the project area and meetings with professional consultants, stakeholders and the community. S.O.S. also offers the possibility of internships with leading architectural firms in Italy and abroad.


Scuola , Progettista architettonico
Via Francesco Flora 8
40129 - Bologna
SOS - School of Sustainability
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